Becoming an Independent Auto Dealer

Becoming a Independent Auto Dealer is living the American dream of owning your own business. We at the NMIADA can help you with make your dream become reality.
The information and links below will help you on your journey step by step.

Also should you choose to become a member of the Association, we can help you with your application process as well as advise and help you stay on the path of succsess after you have received your dealer license.
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The State of New Mexico has recently launched a site that dramatically streamlines the licensing process. All your registration forms are now available online as well as the ability to upload your documents straight to the Dealer Licensing Bureau. Please visit: to be taken to MVD Online Services. You can also still apply using the previous method by following the process below.

Your New Dealer Application and all associated paperwork must be turned into the Dealer Licensing Bureau:

Dealer Licensing Bureau
505 Marquette NW Suite 1501
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Office: (505) 383-2316
Fax: (505) 383-2372

New Dealer Application Process

1. It is recommended that you visit the New Mexico Secretary of State's website to help you determine the type of business you want to create ( i.e: LLC Inc. etc.)

2. $50.00 application fee to MVD ( Money Order, cashier's check or personal check ONLY)

3. Form MVD 10035 Application for Dealer's License ( Must be Notarized)

4. Form MVD 10036 Applicant Information.

5. Form MVD 10037 Applicant Affidavit (Must be Notarized).

6. Form MVD 10038 Place of Business Affidavit (Must be Notarized).

7. Form MVD 10178 Zoning Inspection. Must be accompanied by the original letterhead from the zoning official stating all requirements and any restrictions to maintain a dealer license at this location. If there is no zoning requirements in city/ county zoning office, a letter stating such must still be attached.

8. Original bond for $50,000.00 if selling vehicles or $12,500.00 if selling ONLY motorcycles (if also selling with a trailer; then a $50,000.00 bond IS required). Bond MUST have correct amount, ownership, and full physical address, and bondholder's original signature affixed to it OR an original bond rider with address listed. Your Bonding Agent will; provide you with a Vehicle Dealer or Auto Recycler Bond (Form MVD 10175), but we have provided one for you for your review. You can choose your own Bonding Company, however the association works with several:
                                                                                Commercial West
                                                                                Elemental Risk Management
                                                                                Tooter Cosper Insurance

9. Fire inspection and approval WITHOUT violations within the last six (5) months. Call your local municipality to see what jurisdiction your location falls under (i.e.: City, County, State)

10. A copy of proof of ownership of property such as a tax bill, deed, mortgage statement, etc. listing the physical address of property OR a copy of a lease agreement for a minimum of six (6) months by applicant.

11. Pictures. You will need to submit pictures of the following:

                                                                                A. Full view of your lot from across the street.
                                                                                B. A close-up of office building.
                                                                                C. Inside office building displaying office, office equipment, adequate facilities and sign showing  business hours.
                                                                                D. Sign which is visible from a minimum of 50 ft. away and letters that are at least six (6) inches high.
                                                                                E. Vehicle display area.

12. If in Santa Fe County a copy if the current business licence must accompany the application.  Business Licence: Depending on your municipality, you will need a business license issued from your city.

13. If listed as a Corporation, Sub-s Corporation or LLC, a copy of the Articles of Incorporation issued by the Public Regulation Commission.

14. A copy of the Education Certificate for Non-Franchise dealers (registration form attached) from mandatory Pre-License Education Class

It is important that all of your paperwork is filled out completely and correctly upon time of submission to the NM DLB or you may experience delays in getting your dealers License.
If you choose to join the NMIADA then we will be more than happy to assist you on checking and filing of your application.

Click the link below to download a complete New Dealer Application Packet.

New Mexico Independent Automobile Dealers Association 
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(505) 232-0809 Fax: (505) 232-0810

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